[ESIP-all] 2010 Falkenberg Nominations -- Oct 15

Annette Schloss annette.schloss at unh.edu
Thu Sep 10 12:19:38 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

I was very pleased and excited that another ESIPer received the  
Charles S. Falkenberg Award and that ESIP was able to present the  
award at our summer meeting.  Congratulations to Mark Parsons for  
making us proud and giving a wonderful and rousing acceptance speech  
for the cause!

It is now that time of year again  --- AGU is accepting nominations  
for the 2010 Charles S. Falkenberg Award.   We hope many of you will  
make the effort to nominate young (under 45 years old on Jan 1 of the  
year of presentation) colleagues for this important award!

Basically, the nominator needs to write a letter and solicit 3-6  
additional letters (at least two individuals are not to be currently  
or recently associated  with the nominee’s institution of graduate  
education or employment).  The nominator should contact the candidate  
and get his/her CV and a bibliography.

Nominations are due October 15, 2009. Nomination packages are accepted  
online or by snail mail.
Guidelines on the content of nomination and supporting letters, CV and  
bibliography are described here:

Online Nomination Website:

Mailing address for sending nomination packages is here (if you don't  
want to do it online):

Let's make sure we have great nominations as we have in the past!
thanks to everyone in advance,

Dr. Annette L. Schloss
Complex Systems Research Center
8 College Rd.
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
ph: 603-862-0348
fax: 603-862-0188
email: annette.schloss at unh.edu


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