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Brian Rogan brogan at esipfed.org
Wed Oct 7 14:09:08 EDT 2009

Dear Members of the ESIP Federation Community:

There have been serveral noteworthy developments over the last couple of
months that have occurred.

1. As part of our effort to get timely information to members, we have
nearly completed a revamping of the ESIP website.  While it might look the
same, it is now powered by a content management system which allows us to
make changes quicker and easier.  One evident change is that we have
installed an ESIP calendar on the website which contains all of the
telecons, relevant meetings and other notices of importance to the
Federation.  If there is anything that you would like to add to the calendar
please feel free to contact me and I will post it.  Other changes will be
occurring including the ability to manage your own subscriptions to the
listservs.  More on that will be forthcoming as it occurs.

2. In order to get out news of the Federation to as broad an audience as
possible, we are beginning an ESIP newsletter which will contain member
news, announcements, grant opportunites and other information.  I would ask
that if anyone has any news, please send it to me so that I can include it
in the issue.  The current plan is to issue it bimonthly and also include a
highlight of one organization an issue.  This will be posted on the website
as well as sent out via the listserv.  The deadline is the beginning of the

3. I recently attended a conference on Cybereducation hosted by NOAA, NSDL
and NSF in DC.  The meeting was well attended by a mixture of educators,
data providers, outreach people and decision makers.  As part of their goal,
they want to know what is being done with climate education so they don't
reinvent the wheel.  As a action item, I was asked as the ESIP
representative, what type of relevant data sets do we have for community
decision makers to access that will give them hard data they can use for
making decisions regarding climate change and potential impacts on their
communities.  Please send me any information by the end of October.

 I hope these changes will let more people know about the good work being
done at the federation.  Thank you for your help.


Brian Rogan
Director of Communication and Partnership
Foundation for Earth Science
15 Beecher Place
Newton, MA 02459
617 467 4348 phone
508 397 7119 cell
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