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Here is the direct link to the Climate Literacy videoconference at the US 
Center at the Climate Change Summit at Copenhagen on Wednesday  Dec 9th. 
from 12-1pm ET.  It will be streamed live from Stormcenter Communications.

Tamara Shapiro Ledley, PhD
Senior Scientist, TERC
2067 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
phone: 617-873-9658; fax: 617-349-3535

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Here is the link for tomorrow’s streaming event that will be delivered
LIVE to Copenhagen from StormCenter’s StudioEarth® at 12pm EST  for 1 


We will be digitally recording the event and streaming it LIVE. Please
pass this to those who you wish to watch the event which is called:

The Critical Role of Climate Literacy in addressing Climate Change

Event Summary: NOAA Climate Program Office, the NASA Science Mission
directorate, and the National Science Foundation’s Geosciences
directorate will lead an international climate change education panel
discussion about a coordinated education and outreach campaign to
increase climate literacy in the U.S. This virtual panel discussion will
examine the urgent need for and current efforts to identify high quality
education materials, best practices and effective information sharing
and communication strategies related to climate change. Panelists will
look at education and communication research relating to how people
learn and make informed decisions including their prior knowledge,
ideological filters, and misconceptions, examining deficit knowledge
theory as it relates to climate related science, policy and advocacy.




Frank Niepold
Climate Education Coordinator
Co-chair of the U.S. Global Change Research Program Education
Interagency Working Group

Climate Program Office (UCAR)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
1315 East West Highway, 12117
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Work: 301-734-1244
Cell: 240-429-0038

frank.niepold at noaa.gov


Hi Everyone, 
   We will have our teleconference tomorrow (Tuesday) 12/8 at 1pm ET.  The 
call in number is 1-218-936-4700 662096 
   We will have our usual announcements.  Then Cynthia Howell will give an 
overview of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and its 
activities with respect to climate literacy and energy awareness.  Cynthia 
has sent out the slides she will be referring to in a separate email. 
Please let me know if you did not get them. 

Tamara Shapiro Ledley, PhD
Senior Scientist, TERC
2067 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
phone: 617-873-9658; fax: 617-349-3535
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