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If you are knowledgeable of microsats and their use by developing countries, then consider contacting Peter Fairley (peter.fairley at gmail.com).  See request below.

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I'm not knowledgeable of the South African space agency and their interests in Earth observations from space.  Microsats may very well be a reasonable approach but again I'm not aware of the specific cost benefits of developing countries launching their own microsats.  I will forward your e-mail to a colleagues and see if they are willing to comment.


On 12/14/09 1:20 PM, "Peter Fairley" <peter.fairley at gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Michael,

I am writing a story on South Africa's space program for Earthzine (www.earthzine.org <http://www.earthzine.org> ), an online publication dedicated to global awareness and Earth observation. I just came across your comments in the following SciDevNet article on developing nations launching their own satellites: http://www.scidev.net/en/features/launching-your-own-satellite-the-pros-and-cons.html.

Would it be possible to follow up on your commentary and how they relate specifically to the situation of South Africa? I'm wondering whether you view microsatellites as a reasonable path forward, or still too expensive? Assuming it is reasonable, is there any justification for a country like South Africa to try to add a microsatellite launch capability?

I'm also looking for perspective on whether South African company SunSpace has really contributed to the trend towards microsatellites or whether you see them as more of a follower than a pathbreaker?

I am based in British Columbia and therefore on Pacific time. My deadline is Friday.

With great interest,


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