[ESIP-all] Draft report from the 2009 AGU town hall on Peer-Reviewed Data Publication

Ruth Duerr rduerr at nsidc.org
Wed Jan 13 15:22:08 EST 2010

A draft report from the 2009 fall AGU town hall on "Peer-Reviewed Data  
Publication and Other Strategies to Sustain Verifiable Science" has  
been posted to the ESIP Stewardship and Preservation wiki at http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Interagency_Data_Stewardship/2009AGUTownHall 
.  The town hall was jointly sponsored by the ESIP federation and the  
AGU data committee.  Please take a look and feel free to edit or  
comment on the report.  We particularly would like comments if you  
attended the town hall and feel that we missed an important point.  It  
is our intent to submit a boiled down version of the report as an EOS  


Ruth Duerr, Mark Parsons, Jean-Bernard Minster, Rob Raskin

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