[ESIP-all] Conventions for Data Discovery

Ted Habermann Ted.Habermann at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 3 15:13:34 EST 2010

Hello all,

Today during the interoperability rant we discussed the importance of  
consistent representations for documentation in order to take  
advantage of lessons we have learned over the years from OPeNDAP as we  
start sharing documentation in addition to data. I suggested that the  
ISO Standards are actually the equivalent of the DAP protocol in this  
effort. I also mentioned the draft Unidata netCDF Attribute  
Conventions for Data Discovery. These are available in netCDF, THREDDS  
and ISO at
  (this page has a self-signed certificate so you need a security  
exception in Firefox). That page has links to the original Unidata page.

I wrote the ISO crosswalk on this page and would certainly appreciate  
comments, questions or suggestions...


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