[ESIP-all] Products/Services telecon today

Raskin, Rob (388M) robert.g.raskin at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 19 01:38:35 EDT 2010

The next ESIP Products and Services telecon is later today:

Friday March 19, 2:30pm EDT (11:30am PDT)
 Dial: 800-508-7631
 Access Code: *1297219*

We will focus this telecon on an interesting potential use of the Expert service developed by our Committee. (This service enables members to register specific technical skills and to search the database for any needed expertise.)  The Federation has been asked to provide members who can serve as "advisors" (experts) on project teams to the GEO program "Earth Observations in Decision Support". The advisors can provide their expert knowledge and their ESIPs could benefit from having new outlets that expand the uses of their data and services. The goal is to provide a matchmaking between Federation members' expertise and specific GEO projects. This application represents a great opportunity to promote and use our Expert service. This opportunity could help encourage members to populate their skills in the database. We will have a guest speaker or two providing presentations on what GEO is looking for and how the Federation can help. We also can discuss other potential future uses of the expert service.


Rob Raskin
Group Supervisor, Science Data Engineering and Archiving
Instrument Software and Science Data Systems Section
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA 91109
(818) 354-4228

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