[ESIP-all] Science Programmer position available at NSIDC

Marilyn Kaminski marilynk at nsidc.org
Thu Jun 10 12:57:23 EDT 2010

NSIDC is seeking someone with a science background and programming
knowledge and interest, to help make Earth science data accessible and
useful to our science communities. This Science Programmer will work on
several projects, including a major new NASA campaign called IceBridge
(http://nsidc.org/data/icebridge) to study Earth’s polar regions.

You will work on a team of scientists and other data center staff to
solve data analysis and data processing problems, helping scientists get
better data faster. Specifically, you may translate research algorithms
into working programs, create value added data products, and develop
quality assurance procedures for the resulting data sets. You will also
document the design and use of the programs and procedures.  We need to
integrate a large quantity of disparate data sources into common
formats, so you will learn about a wide array of scientific data sets.

The most helpful background for this position would be a degree in
physical sciences or math, plus training or experience in programming.
Of course, a computer science degree with a strong physical science
background is also acceptable.  You will need a basic understanding of
statistical methods, and an interest in geospatial analysis. Knowledge
of satellite or airborne radar or altimetry data, and of applications of
altimetry data to ice sheet surface and bed topography, would be 
helpful, but are not required.

Other important ingredients include working with others to define and
refine requirements, staying current with latest technologies and
software engineering practices, and keeping current with relevant
scientific research. You will have access to experienced mentors, but
you will be responsible for much of your own learning and for keeping
up with the science and technology needed for your work.

A complete, formal job description and application procedures are
available at http://nsidc.org/about/jobs/nsidc_13.html.

Also see our full list of available jobs at

Marilyn Kaminski, Deputy DAAC Manager
National Snow & Ice Data Center
University of Colorado at Boulder
UCB 449, Boulder, CO  80309
ph (303)735-5408; fax (303)492-2468; email marilynk at nsidc.org

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