[ESIP-all] REMINDER: AGU Session NH18 - Climate Change, Impacts and Hazards: System of Systems

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Fri Aug 20 14:03:53 EDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,


We are happy to announce Session NH18: Climate Change, Impacts and
Hazards: System of Systems at the Fall 2010 AGU meeting December 13-17.


Please go to
97>  for more information about this session.  


To submit an abstract, please visit
http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm10/program/abstract_submissions.php . Note
that the deadline for submission is 2 September 2010.


Conveners:  Menas Kafatos, Chapman University;  Ghassem Asrar, World
Climate Research Programme; William K. Lau, NASA GSFC


NH18: Climate Change, Impacts and Hazards: System of Systems

The climate is a system, part of the global Earth systems. Other systems
include regional and local levels, with relevant processes occurring at
these levels, impacted by hazards, whether climate-related or not, and
whether anthropogenic or natural.  As such, hazards, which occur at
local levels, are affected by global climate change and in turn produce
feedbacks with impacts at all levels, including global levels. As
climate change is proceeding, we have to understand the effects of
hazards, as they are more immediate and strongly influence human
societies at all levels. Regional climate is particularly strongly
affected by hazards and associated physical processes. These impacts at
regional levels can be substantially stronger than longer, decadal
global climate change. As such, the science has to be studied as a
system of systems and if scientists are to issue science results which
have policy implications, we have to understand the mutli-dimensional
relationships of between the Earth, the climate system at all levels,
hazards and their impacts on societies.  


This session will explore the science issues associated with hazards,
climate change and their impacts and feedbacks into the Earth systems
and societies, emphasizing the connections, feedbacks and addressing the
issues from the point of view of system of systems.



Menas Kafatos

Chapman University

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