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Mon Feb 28 08:39:46 EST 2011

Hi All -

An early e-mail as I head home after a great, albeit unseasonably cold,
weekend in Pasadena at JPL.

1. *Sally Ride Climate Change
* - Teachers came to JPL from all over the country eager to learn about
teaching climate science. The teachers were thrilled with all of the
resources provided by ESIP members in their gift bags. Thank you to all who

2. Do you work with undergraduate or graduate *students?* If you know of
students that might benefit from ESIP connections or are already involved in
the cluster, please send me an e-mail. We are working to increase student

3. *ESIP is* ... below this email are  some of the ESIP is responses we got
last week. We are chewing on 'Fostering connections to make data matter.'

*Telecons this week: *
* Wednesday (3/2) -
* Visioneers was originally scheduled for this week, but will be next week

Have a good week!


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>From Mark Parsons
ESIP is Earth science informatics
ESIP is building collaboration around data
ESIP is making sense of the data deluge

>From LuAnn Dahlman
A diverse group of Earth Science professionals who meet regularly to share
ideas and strategies to improve their work.

>From Rob Raskin
ESIP is a networking consortium of over 120 Earth system science data and
service providers. Its membership spans the realm from data archive centers
to science data providers to distributors of data products for educational,
commercial, and public use.

>From Bruce Caron
ESIP is a community led Earth data wellspring

>From Bill Teng
ESIP is all the data that are fit to use.
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