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Happy 5th of July! I hope that all of you had a great holiday weekend. We
are one week out from the ESIP Summer

   - *Ride share to the summer
   * - There is a google
   where you can put in if you can give a ride or need a ride. No login needed
   to the spreadsheet.

   - *Advertisement opportunity* in the ESIP Summer Meeting packet. This
   could be a grant, AGU session (everything already listed
here<http://www.delicious.com/tag/ESIPFed+fallagu+2011>is included),
upcoming meeting or workshop,
   jobs/internships/post-docs/collaborators, call for papers, i.e. anything
   you'd send an ESIP-ALL email on.  Send me an email with a short blurb and
   link or flyer (could be something you've already prepared for other lists) -

   - There will be a meeting-specific note sent Friday with an electronic
   copy of the meeting packet.


*IT&I -* Wednesday, 2-3 PM EDT - This month's Rants N Raves Presentation:* A
Drupal-based Metadata*
*Wizard for USGIN's Minimum Useful Metadata Model *By Wolfgang Grunberg (now
Arizona Game and Fish Department), Ryan Clark (Arizona Geological Survey),
and Steve Richard (Arizona Geological Survey)
Go to https://esipfed.webex.com, if a password is required, enter the
Meeting Password: 23136782

ESIPFed News
*Users Invited to Test New SEDAC Web Site. *The NASA Socioeconomic Data and
Applications Center (SEDAC <http://sedac.ciesin.columbia.edu/>) operated by
CIESIN is a unique source of interdisciplinary data and related information
and services related to the human dimensions of global environmental change.
To help users more effectively find, access, and use these resources, SEDAC
is in the process of redesigning its Web site with enhanced search tools,
interactive mapping tools, a map gallery, topical views of SEDAC content,
and examples of uses of SEDAC data in research, applications, and education.
The new site builds on the latest Internet technologies, including a content
management system, Flickr, open source Web mapping services, and social
networking tools. During the user testing period through July 15, users are
encouraged to provide feedback on the site’s organization and ease of use
and suggestions about new features and content. Comments may be submitted
anonymously through a tool available on the lower right corner of each Web
page. To test the new Web site, please go to SEDAC Web site

 How are these topics related? ****

   - Penguins in the southern Indian Ocean; ****
   - dust over West Africa; ****
   - forest fires in India; ****
   - the impact of noise pollution on sensitive marine species; ****
   - root rot risk for bean plants in eastern Africa;****
   - how a volcanic eruption might affect communities of algae; ****
   - landslide potential of steep Himalayan hills; ****
   - atmospheric aerosols over western Russia;  and****
   - the production of ground-level ozone pollution during the 2008 Beijing


And the answer is:  *Giovanni*.  The diverse topics listed above provide a
cross-section of research publications that have appeared in recent months,
all of which have utilized the NASA Goddard Earth Science Data and
Information Service Center (GES DISC) Giovanni system to analyze and
visualize satellite remote-sensing data from NASA missions and related data
sets.   At the end of April 2011, an update to the Giovanni publications
list for 2011 discovered 35 new journal papers, bringing the current total
for 2011 to 42 – a rate of over 10 research publications a month!  (See full


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