[ESIP-all] AGU Session A09 -- Atmospheric Feedbacks and Climate: Observations, Theory, and Modeling

Fetzer, Eric J (3243) Eric.J.Fetzer at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jul 11 11:52:04 EDT 2011

Dear Colleagues,

We invite abstract submissions to Session A09 titled "Atmospheric
Feedbacks and Climate: Observations, Theory, and Modeling" to be
held at the AGU 2011 Fall Meeting.


About one-third of the warming predicted over the next century comes from
direct warming by greenhouse gases, with the rest being due to amplifying
feedbacks.  This means that the largest expected warming mechanism and the
largest sources of uncertainty are coupled through moist processes in the
atmosphere.  This session addresses clouds, water vapor, and temperature,
how they are coupled through physical processes, and how those processes
feedback on greenhouse gas warming.  We welcome submissions covering
observations of moist processes determining feedbacks, as well as
theoretical and model studies of feedback mechanisms.


Brian Kahn and Eric Fetzer, JPL/Caltech
Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M University

The abstract deadline for all AGU sessions is August 4.  Meeting
information is available at http://sites.agu.org/fallmeeting/.

Thank you,

Eric, Brian, and Andy

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