[ESIP-all] Just do it! - AGU Session IN11: Capabilities and Need for Near Real Time Data

Goodman, Michael (MSFC-VP61) michael.goodman at nasa.gov
Tue Aug 2 18:38:49 EDT 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I promise this is the last time I will send you a reminder email for AGU 2011 (unless you are on multiple email lists ;-).

I know you are probably tired of receiving these reminder emails but time is very short for you to submit your abstract to Session IN11 on Current Capabilities and Future Needs of Near Real-Time Data at the 2011 Fall American Geophysical Union meeting.  The abstracts are due this Thursday, 4 August 2011 by 2359 EDT.  Now is the time to submit - Just do it!

Please consider submitting a short abstract for this Earth and Space Science Informatics session.
AGU Abstract Submission Policies. The link to submit your abstract is available at http://sites.agu.org/fallmeeting/scientific-program/submit-policies/

This  topic has widespread interest and is expected to be popular.  We are pleased to present Session IN11: Current Capabilities and Future Needs of Near Real-Time Data: Near real-time (NRT) data from satellite and airborne sensors are transforming end-user applications.  Example NRT applications include weather prediction, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, floods, disaster relief, mission management, invasive species monitoring, homeland security, ocean monitoring and space weather. Transitioning from prototype to operational systems is an opportunity to improve future capabilities and expand usage of timely data products and services. This session covers the requirements, scientific development, generation, and application of NRT data for societal benefit and scientific advancement. Contributions are sought that demonstrate the production and application of NRT data and identify gaps in current capabilities.

Note: this was the most popular Earth Science Informatics (IN) session in 2010 and we anticipate it be just as popular this year.  This session is co-sponsored by Atmospheric Sciences (A), Biogeosciences (B), Cryosphere (C), Natural Hazards (NH), Ocean Sciences (OS), Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (V).  We expect considerable and diverse interest in the topic and we're looking forward to an exciting session.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank your for considering this opportunity to share your research and applications insights.  Please forgive us if you receive multiple postings as we are seeking to distribute this announcement broadly to reach as many disciplines as appropriate.

AGU 2011 will be held on 5-9 December 2010 in San Francisco, California.  General meeting information is available at http://sites.agu.org/fallmeeting/


H. Michael Goodman
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
michael.goodman at nasa.gov

Kevin Murphy
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
kevin.j.murphy at nasa.gov

Deborah Smith
Remote Sensing Systems
smith at remss.com

Andrew Bruzewicz
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
andrew.j.bruzewicz at usace.army.mil

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