[ESIP-all] Two NSF solicitations of potential interest to this community

Brian Wee bwee at neoninc.org
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Two NSF solicitations of potential interest to this community:

   - Geoinformatics
   Division of Earth Sciences (EAR) will consider proposals for the development
   of cyberinfrastructure for the geosciences (Geoinformatics). EAR seeks the
   development and implementation of enabling information technology with
   impacts that extend beyond an individual investigator or small group of
   investigators and that facilitates the next generation of geosciences
   research. Proposals to this solicitation may seek support for
   community-driven development and implementation of databases; tools for data
   integration, interoperability, and visualization; software development and
   code hardening; and data-intensive/new computing methodologies that support
   the enhancement of geosciences research and education activities. (
   - Metadata for Long-standing Large-Scale Social Science Surveys
   American National Election Studies (ANES), General Social Survey (GSS) and
   Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) are long-term survey projects that
   form key research infrastructure for the social and behavioral
   sciences. This solicitation seeks proposals that will develop tools to
   bridge data collection and dissemination by first, collecting and coding
   metadata associated with future waves of the ANES, GSS, and PSID surveys as
   collection and processing techniques evolve; and second, migrating (or
   "retrofitting") metadata associated with earlier (i.e., legacy) waves of
   these surveys into formats and schema that are compatible with current and
   future collection efforts. The goal is to fund projects that will help make
   the many years of legacy data available to researchers who seek to answer
   current scientific questions.  (


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