[ESIP-all] Gentle reminder re: today's "Rants and Raves" webinar at 1PM CT

Rahul Ramachandran rahul.ramachandran at uah.edu
Wed Oct 5 10:25:19 EDT 2011

We have two presentations as part of our Rants and Raves series.

The EOSDIS Simple Subset Wizard
Chris Lynnes

The EOSDIS Simple Subset Wizard (SSW) is based on the radical premise
that subsetting Earth science data should be...simple.  SSW
(http://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/SSW/) provides a single, stripped-down user
interface that allows users to make subset requests to 10 of the 12
EOSDIS Data Centers, rather than learning and using 10 or more
different subset user interfaces. Under the hood, SSW uses subset
agents, written to have a common REST-based front end and a back end
that does whatever it has to in order to interface with the subsetter.
 The SSW is engineered for maximum reusability, both in the
AJAX-based, embeddable user interface and in the SSW subset agents,
which are callable by machine programs as well.

Subsetting via Open Search From Existing THREDDS Catalog Services
Jerry Pan

This presentation will cover the following: 1) what is THREDDS Data
Server and THREDDS catalog service and what is  Open Search formats,
2) a simple Web Service application that uses the catalog service to
serve Open Search requests for subsets of granules, and 3)  some
wishes (rants) on what THREDDS catalog does not do currently.

-Rahul Ramachandran

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