[ESIP-all] Results from recent Client Side Technology Infusion Issues survey

Bruce Caron bruce at tnms.org
Mon Jan 2 14:16:26 EST 2012


Thanks for your participation!

Here are the results of the survey (n=41)

ESIP Client-side software survey update:

41 responses.

71% use some client-side software (Matlab, IDL, etc.).

45% of the above use it as “integral to daily work”

38% of the above use it as “regular or weekly”

What non-browser software do people use?

81% use Google Earth

55% use ArcGIS

33% use Matlab

29% use ENVI

22% use IDL

18% use NASA World Winds

How do these folks get their data?

83% use WCS/WFS/WMS

58% use OPeNDAP

46% use THREDDS

25% use ECHO

21% use NEO

13% use Giovanni

Noticeable CHANGES from survey 4 years ago...NOTE: no statistical test of
significance... anecdotal results only...

% of people who use browser-based tools, up 28%

Google Earth, Giovanni, and ArcGIS use up

Matlab, World Winds, and IDL use down


What do users want?

Better integration of services, better catalogs and metadata, more SOA,
more interoperability...

Hope to see you at the Winter Meeting!



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