[ESIP-all] Visualization Cluster telecon 2/22 3pm ET

Kevin Ward kevin at eyeonclimate.com
Tue Feb 21 17:05:18 EST 2012

Hello fellow vizzers,

Tomorrow we will convene on our new date and time -- 4th Wednesday at
3pm ET (webex information is below). The topic for the call will be
purely strategic. We went through last year with a series of
product/utility demonstrations combined with a couple practical case

The question for this year is: what do YOU want from the visualization
cluster? "Visualization" encompasses a broad spectrum (if you pardon
the pun) of disciplines and practices, some of which will, no doubt,
overlap with other ESIP clusters and committees. Are there goals that
we should be pursuing? Standards that could be addressed or formulated
with regards to ESIP? There is definitely nothing wrong with hosting
demonstrations of tools, etc., but it would be good to have a focus
that helps us determine what types of tools we see. Perhaps focusing
on particular needs that our community has. We have the summer meeting
to look forward to as well as possibly AGU (session proposals for that
are due April 20).

Come to the telecon on Wednesday, February 22, and let's figure this out.

For a bit of background on what we have covered so far, please see

Hope to talk to you all tomorrow,


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