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Thanks for the update on Rob.  My best wishes to him and to Lisa.   


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I visited Rob in the Hospital (Kaiser in Panorama City). Lisa was not there
at the time, although we had spoken over the phone earlier.

Rob breathes through a respirator and is otherwise unresponsive. His face is
peaceful. He is well taken care of (I was asked to don a gown and gloves to
enter his room).

I read him each of the emails you sent, and each entry in his Facebook wall,
emphasizing the sender so he understands how widely loved he is. Lisa had
suggested reading the emails, since it is quite possible that his mind is

The wife of one of my former graduate school advisors had a stroke and
entered a vegetative state while I was still a student. All his students
took turns going in and speaking to her as if she was responsive, but for a
few months only. Then, one day, several years later, she woke up, and her
brain was just fine. The body can do amazing things.

Of course, I left the printouts in his room.

Let us continue to hope and pray for his full recovery.

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