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I stopped by the Hospital to see Rob this morning before coming in to work.  I was fortunate enough to meet his loving sister Lisa Steele.  She helped me with the gown and gloves before we entered his room.   As Victor said, he looked peaceful.  I quickly held his warm hand and began to talk to him about all the well wishes, positive energies and prayers everyone have been sending via all forms of communication.  Lisa informed me that he is no longer in sedation and hopes to get some positive responses.  He is still with a respirator and is scheduled for tracheotomy today or tomorrow and will possibly move to a different room.  She will send updates when this happens.  I stayed for almost an hour.  While Lisa was away with a Hospital staff, I stayed and talked to him about my visit to Washington for I found out that he had just recently visited Lisa in Washington State.  I told him a story about being at the San Juan Islands and seeing Orca pods at the peak of their  migration season.  I described how beautiful, peaceful and playful they were for such intimidating mammals.  I told him that I'm sharing this story with him in hopes that when he wakes up he can share his vacation experiences with us.

I know that Rob enjoyed my company for that hour even if for the most part it was a semi-quiet room with a faint of classical music playing in the background.

Lisa truly appreciates all the visits from his friends and colleagues and hopes that more can come by.  Rob would love to hear from you.


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Here are some updates on Rob from me and Victor.  We both visited with Rob yesterday.

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I also visited with Rob yesterday evening and did many of the same things as Victor with regards to emails and FB posts.  I hope he could hear everything.  He is non responsive but often the ears and brain are still "on" in these conditions.  His body did jerk one time and I thought his eyelids moved to open, but maybe I convinced myself of that.

Lets send get well thoughts and prayers for Rob.

On Feb 26, 2012, at 7:15 PM, Zlotnicki, Victor (3240) wrote:

I visited Rob in the Hospital (Kaiser in Panorama City). Lisa was not there at the time, although we had spoken over the phone earlier.

Rob breathes through a respirator and is otherwise unresponsive. His face is peaceful. He is well taken care of (I was asked to don a gown and gloves to enter his room).

I read him each of the emails you sent, and each entry in his Facebook wall, emphasizing the sender so he understands how widely loved he is. Lisa had suggested reading the emails, since it is quite possible that his mind is awake.

The wife of one of my former graduate school advisors had a stroke and entered a vegetative state while I was still a student. All his students took turns going in and speaking to her as if she was responsive, but for a few months only. Then, one day, several years later, she woke up, and her brain was just fine. The body can do amazing things.

Of course, I left the printouts in his room.

Let us continue to hope and pray for his full recovery.

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