[ESIP-all] ESIP Federation Elects 4 New Partners

Carol Beaton Meyer carolbmeyer at esipfed.org
Tue Jun 12 17:43:14 EDT 2012

Karl Benedict
President, ESIP Federation
Carol Meyer
Executive Director, Foundation for Earth Science
Four New Members Elected to Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
June 12, 2012 ‹The Assembly of the Federation of Earth Science Information
Partners (ESIP Federation) elected four new member organizations, bringing
total membership to more than 140 organizations. (See below for a complete
list of new members). Partnership in the ESIP Federation is open to
organizations that work at the intersection of Earth science data and
associated technologies.
The ESIP Federation is dedicated to transforming research data and
information into useful and usable data and information products for
decision makers, policy makers and the public. ³The ESIP Federation is the
community space for Earth science data practitioners looking to expose their
technical work and to learn about the work of their peers. ESIP Federation
partners work collectively to improve interoperability among data systems,
regardless of who created them,² said Karl Benedict, ESIP Federation
President. Benedict adds, ³The ESIP Federation does this through an open,
collegial environment that focuses on the broader community good.²
ESIP Federation membership is strictly voluntary and the continued growth of
its membership reflects the recognition that the ESIP Federation is a
dynamic and collaborative forum where data providers, researchers and users
gather to exchange valuable information. According to Benedict, ³The steady
growth of ESIP Federation membership and the growing diversity of partners
showcases the value that the ESIP Federation community provides to its
members. The community-led technical exchanges, professional development
workshops and peer-to-peer interactions facilitated by the ESIP Federation
allow for community solutions to distributed data systems interoperability
to emerge.²
The new member organizations include (member type in parenthesis):
> UNC-CH / Data Intensive Cyber Environments Center / DataNet Federation
> Consortium (DICE) (Type III)
> University of South Florida College of Marine Science (USFCMS) (Type II)
> NASA Applied Sciences Program - Health and Air Quality Applications, NASA HQ
> (Type II)
> University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill / RENCI (Renaissance Computing
> Institute) / iRODS Development and Support (RENCI) (Type II)
Initiated by NASA in 1997, the ESIP Federation is a broad-based, distributed
community of science data and information technology practitioners spanning
government (NASA, NOAA, EPA, USGS, NSF), academia and the private sectors
(both commercial and nonprofit). The Foundation for Earth Science provides
administrative and staff support to the ESIP Federation.

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