[ESIP-all] URGENT - Help me give away five Discovery Domes!

Patricia Reiff reiff at rice.edu
Thu Jun 28 17:35:55 EDT 2012


Help us give away 5 full Discovery Dome systems!

As you all know, our company "MTPE, Inc." (DBA e-planetarium) was started as a result of our winning a NASA cooperative agreement, which encouraged us to commercialize.
Well, we've been modestly successful, with now 160 domes out in the field, in 30 countries and 29 states.   (http://www.discoverydome.com)

Do you know of a worthy school district or rural museum or other community organization that would make use of one of our Discovery Dome planetariums?
Each year we generally give away one Discovery Dome system to a third world country.  We have given away systems to Ethiopia, Zambia, and Nigeria, and one below cost to Morocco.
But we are applying for a Chase grant ($250,000) to give away five NEW full systems, worth $180,000!  However, they will not consider our application unless we get 250 Facebook users to "support" us.
Our company, e-Planetarium, was founded to distribute the shows, software, and systems developed under our NASA Cooperative Agreement and is an official Rice University "spinoff" company.

Please help us by voting for us, by THIS SATURDAY!  So far we have 85 votes but we need 250 to be considered.

Here's what you do:
go to http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com
then "log in using Facebook"
then Vote local!

then in the "search" box (for business name) put "planetarium".
When our company comes up ("e-Planetarium") click on "support".
You can support many small businesses but you can only give support for each one once. 

Please do it NOW.  We need 160 more votes by Saturday or we won't be able to provide this fantastic equipment to deserving community organizations.

And, if you know of a great potential grantee, please let THEM know so they can get THEIR volunteers to vote for us too… we can't give them away unless we get the money from Chase!

Here is a link to our draft proposal:

Check out our draft proposal as to how we'll distribute the systems

If you can't find us on the mission small business link, try this one:  SHARE your vote

(and yes, please SHARE your vote among your Facebook friends!)


Our Facebook product page is http://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryDomeUSA
My Facebook discovery dome persona is, Discovery Dome


Patricia Reiff, Ph.D.
President, MTPE Inc. dba e-planetarium
reiff at e-planetarium.com
855-DISC-DOME  x3      [877-347-2366 x3]
fax: 713-664-0997
P. O. Box 271344  Houston TX 77277-1344
"a woman-owned small business"
facebook: Discovery Dome
twitter: DiscoveryDome

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