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Carol Beaton Meyer carolbmeyer at esipfed.org
Mon Jul 9 21:46:07 EDT 2012

On behalf of Lawrence Friedl

Dear Colleagues ­ 

We are pleased to announce Session PA006 entitled Earth Science
Applications: Tracing Their Sources and Heritage at the 2012 American
Geophysical Union Fall meeting.
Please consider submitting an abstract for this session.
The following is a brief session description, and the attachment has a
longer version.  
There are a growing number of applications of Earth science data, model
outputs, etc. in policy, business and management activities and
decision-making. Their heritage is rooted in key scientific and technical
advances that enabled the Earth science data, model outputs, etc.  Papers
should examine the heritage, pedigree, and pathways of a successful Earth
science application, articulating key achievements across multiple sectors
that preceded and led to the application, such as technology development,
research, data products, algorithms, cal/val, etc. Papers are encouraged to
use visual methods to depict pathways in an application¹s development, such
as road-maps for temporal developments or network diagrams for thematic
Note: Deadline for abstracts is 8-August-2012.
AGU 2012 Fall Meeting
Dates: 3-7 December 2012 in San Francisco, California
Website:  http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2012/.
Thank you for considering this opportunity to share your ideas, and we look
forward to reviewing the abstracts.  (Please forgive any multiple emails on
this topic.)
This session will be scheduled as either Oral or Poster or both, depending
on the number and quality of the abstracts submitted. Authors will be
informed in September regarding the date and format (oral or poster) of
their paper.
Please forward this message.
We hope to see you at AGU!

Lawrence Friedl & NASA Applied Sciences Program (Session Conveners)
Lawrence Friedl, Director
NASA Applied Sciences Program      +1.202.358.7200  phone
Earth Science Division                      +1.202.358.3098  fax
Science Mission Directorate              LFriedl at nasa.gov
<mailto:LFriedl at nasa.gov>
NASA Headquarters 
Washington, DC  20546
For scheduling, please contact Kathy Carroll (202.358.7200,
kathryn.a.carroll at nasa.gov).

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