[ESIP-all] Fwd: DataNet Meeting on Global Collaboration on Data Issues, Washington DC, 1. October 2012

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I don't think I've seen mention of this go by yet on the RDAP, ESSI or ESIP mailing lists, so passing it along.

(and apologies in advance to those who are going to see this more than once).


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> Date: July 23, 2012 7:00:28 AM EDT
> Subject: [CODE4LIB] DataNet Meeting on Global Collaboration on Data Issues, Washington DC, 1. October 2012
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> Maybe of interest... 
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>> ****************************************************************************
>> ****************************
>> Meeting on Global Collaboration on Data Issues, Washington DC, 1. October
>> 2012 (in the realm of the DataNet 2012 Meeting) European Preparation Meeting
>> Munich/Garching, 24. September 2012 (in the realm of the iCORDI Kickoff)
>> ****************************************************************************
>> ****************************
>> Dear colleagues,
>> A worldwide interaction has been started to harmonize data access and
>> interoperability solutions in which various data practitioners  from the US,
>> EU, Australia and other areas are already involved and which also includes
>> stakeholders such as NSF, the EC and other research agencies. Two acronyms
>> have been used for this broad bottom-up organized process: DAITF (Data
>> Access and Interoperability Task Force) and DWF (Data Web Forum) both
>> referring to the same intentions - yet it is not clear which name finally
>> will be used and how the governance structure will look like. A first
>> meeting with global participation took place in Copenhagen in March (see
>> www.daitf.org) with about 40 experts from many areas of the world. The
>> meetings indicated above are follow-ups of the Copenhagen meeting.
>> We are moving towards the next global meetings:
>> 1) The first follow-up meeting will take place in Washington DC at 1.
>> October
>> 2) We will need to start planning the next follow up meeting which will take
>> place in Europe (probably in March 2013, location needs to be determined).
>> Since we cannot expect that many European experts will have the funds to go
>> to the Washington meeting we will organize a "European" preparation meeting
>> in Munich/Garching at 24. September.
>> It should be added that there will be a BOF session about the establishment
>> of a world-wide PID infrastructure based on Handles in Vancouver at the IETF
>> meeting (30.7.2012). Some may be interested to go to Vancouver and as you
>> may know IETF meetings are open.
>> We are almost ready to start an open discussion about the topics that should
>> be dealt with in the Washington and Munich meetings. Since this is a
>> bottom-up driven process, everyone registered will be invited very soon to
>> motivate a special BOF session (startup brainstorming). Please use the web
>> site (www.daitf.org) to find the most recent information about the events -
>> it will be updated coming week.
>> In Copenhagen we have established a preliminary Steering Group to coordinate
>> these bottom-up activities until we have a smoothly running governance
>> structure. We decided to use the simple "www.daitf.org" web-site to organize
>> our activities in the first phase.
>> The Washington and Munich meeting should be open to everyone interested
>> although we will have restrictions defined by the rooms we will be using.
>> The discussion about special BOF sessions and Working Group sessions about
>> selected high-priority topics will be opened probably coming week as well.
>> Please, visit the DAITF web-Site (www.daitf.org) to find last information.
>> To get access to the discussion forum you have to register. Please, send an
>> email to willem.elbers at mpi.nl to get access.
>> We hope on your active participation at least in the Munich meeting and that
>> some will go to Washington.
>> best regards
>> Peter Wittenburg
>> The Language Archive
>> Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Wundtlaan 1, 6525 XD Nijmegen,
>> The Netherlands
>> http://www.mpi.nl/tla
>> http://www.eudat.eu
>> peter.wittenburg at mpi.nl
>> +31 24 3521 175

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