[ESIP-all] New content for Earth Update

Patricia Reiff reiff at rice.edu
Tue Aug 7 09:57:28 EDT 2012

Hi, I'm doing an update of our "Earth Update" suite.  some of our topics need to be updated (e.g. the hottest years on record), and some of our updating images have changed urls.

I'd love to get new content in any of our modules:
Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Geosphere and Hydrosphere.
These can be:  Images (jpg, png, gif) or movies (anim gif, mov, mpg).  
The categories for each sphere are:  Hot (new or controversial);  Topics (general textbook topics); and Updating Data
For the updating section we need a link to a file that the url does not change from day to day = e.g., "latestsnow.jpg"
For each image we need a single text file that describes it, with a title, caption, link to your site for further information, and of course the url the source image itself.

The software is described in 

You can see the images we point to in this web site
(which has all the graphics but doesn't have the functionality)

If you have a graphic you'd like us to distribute to show your project, or if you want us to include any of your educational activities in the activity section, please let me know asap.

At the moment the software is not Lion-compatible.  We have essentially completed the upgrade of Space Update to Lion (and the size upgrade to 1024x768), and we will upgrade Earth Update to Lion if there is sufficient interest.  It works on all recent Windoze versions and all Mac to 10.6.

Here is an empty file to describe the image:  (edit with any text editor)

Best wishes!!


      /     \     Prof. Patricia H. Reiff     
     /        \      Associate Director for Outreach, Rice Space Institute
   / _^ ^_ \     Rice University MS108, Houston, TX 77251-1892
  / /  O O  \ \     email:  reiff at rice.edu       (713)348-4634        
 /  \    V    /  \     www:  http://space.rice.edu/reiff
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   | _/|\ /|\_ |   .. Why does Rice play Texas?"..JFK, Rice Stadium, 1962
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 facebook:  Discovery Dome  ; Trigger MMS ; Magnetospheric Multiscale

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