[ESIP-all] Viz Cluster: VisKo, Wed, 10/24 @ 2pm ET

Kevin Ward kevin at eyeonclimate.com
Tue Oct 23 19:26:51 EDT 2012

This month we will participate in an in-depth demonstration of VisKo
-- a framework that supports the creation and answering of
visualization "queries" that abstract the visualization process away
from individual toolkits (e.g., GMT, NCL, etc.). It is also a very
interesting application of semantics being used to describe the nature
of generating visualizations in terms of operators, the visual
abstractions the operators generate and the viewers that present those

Visualization is definitely becoming a web activity: Protovis moving
into DOM-based D3 components; traditional ParaView components are now
available as WebParaView components, to mention some. With this shift,
developers can now share visualizations that are still contained
within the context of the services that generated them, rather than
sharing only snapshots of the visuals. This affords visualization
consumers with the capability of being able to manipulate the
visualizations they download from Websites or receive in emails and
tailor them for their own specific needs without ever having to
download and install the toolkits that generate them.

VisKo is one integrative approach for generating visualizations over
the Web and is backed by cutting edge semantic capabilities that
support automated orchestration of Web hosted visualization services.
With VisKo, visualization generation processes are abstracted away in
the form queries that provide declarative means for users to specify
what visualizations they want generated. Rather than sharing static
snapshots of visualizations, VisKo users can now share queries, which
still allow recipients to adjust properties of visualizations without
ever having to download and install the toolkits that process them.


If this sounds interesting to you, please join us tomorrow (Wed,
10/14) at 2pm ET!

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