[ESIP-all] Grant writer's Goldmine Workshop - next Thursday, January 10th

Ana Prados aprados at umbc.edu
Sun Jan 6 00:12:21 EST 2013

Dear All - please read on if you are planning to participate in this 
workshop at the ESIP meeting next week.

Thursday, January 10th
Grant writer's goldmine: how to use logic models to develop winning 
proposals <http://commons.esipfed.org/node/757>

NOTE: if you haven't already lease take this 5-Minute Pre-workshop 
Survey - help us make the workshop useful to you 

Dear Workshop Participant:

To get the most out of this workshop, we /highly/ recommend that you 
complete this short "homework/assignment".Think about a current or 
future project/program that you'd like to bring to the session, answer 
the following questions, and bring them with you to the session.Please 
take no more than ½ hour to write down your thoughts on these 
deceptively simple questions. They will be the basis for developing a 
logic model for your project/program.  Note: /Attendees who come to the 
workshop with a completed assignment will also be given priority in 
small group and full class discussion of their project or program. //If 
you don't have a project/program to bring to the session, you will still 
be able participate fully and you are welcome to come.///

1.    What problem(s) is your initiative meant to address and what's the 
current state (right now)?

2.    What are your end goals and what does ultimate success look like 
compared to current state?

3.    What are the main barriers to progress you face and what key 
assets can you draw on?

4.    What are the essential pieces of your initiative and why do you 
believe it will succeed? Think especially about how

         you will tap the assets and address the barriers you identified 
in question #3.

5.    What would partial but meaningful progress toward your end goals 
look like?

Ana I. Prados, Ph.D
Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Code 614, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
703-338-2119 (cell)
301-614-5494 (office)
aprados at umbc.edu

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