[ESIP-all] OMB memo on opening data & publications

Joe Hourcle oneiros at grace.nascom.nasa.gov
Fri Feb 22 17:00:08 EST 2013

(appologies for cross-posting)

There was an OMB memo today that might be of interest:


And a response to the 'petition' website:


I've only skimmed the memo so far, but what I understand:

 	* Affects agencies w/ more than $100M in R&D spending
 	* Must give a plan in 6 months on how they're going to improve
 	  public access to publications & data
 	* Can have an embargo after publication (baseline is 12 months)
 	* No charges for access to the article metadata
 	* Grants can include costs for data management & access
 	* Interagency cooperation on workforce development (for data

... it's only 6 pages, for those who haven't left for the day already.


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