[ESIP-all] FYI: New W3C blog post about PROV - A Framework for Provenance Interchange

Curt Tilmes Curt.Tilmes at nasa.gov
Thu Mar 21 03:42:39 EDT 2013


"Last week, the W3C Provenance Working group released 13 documents
simultaneously that together define a framework for interchanging
provenance on the Web. We are really excited about this release as it
a complete, full and stable definition of PROV and includes 4 Proposed

While 13 documents is a lot, this is because we have broken down PROV
into chunks designed for particular communities and usages. As users
of PROV you won’t have to focus on the entire framework just the parts
that you need. For an overview of this family of documents and the
intended audience check out the PROV Overview. [...]"

The USGCRP (http://globalchange.gov) is using these standards for the
formal representation of the strong evidence base for climate science
in the National Climate Assessment (http://ncadac.globalchange.gov)
and there are several other projects of ESIP partners using them to
convey the sources and processes of various Earth Science data
work flows for improving understanding and reproducibility. We are
also working on an Earth Science extension for PROV that will extend
the very general PROV model for the more specific provenance concepts
we are trying to represent for our Earth Science use cases.

Please check it out, comment on the Notes, and encourage your W3C AC
reps (https://www.w3.org/Member/ACList) to vote for the proposed
recommendations before April 9, 2013.

If you are interesting in learning more about PROV and how we are
applying these standards to Earth Science information systems, please
join us in the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee:



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