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Bruce Caron bruce at tnms.org
Fri Apr 5 13:55:02 EDT 2013

*The ESIP Drupal Working Group says: bring out your web people!*

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They’ve been coding in their cubicles for months now. They might not work
on your floor, or in your building. They might be contracted, or even
consultants to your contractors. You might never meet them in person—but
you have their email. They are tasked to design and build and maintain the
content management system (CMS) that carries your agency’s message to the
world, and also your internal communications. They tweak the server side to
make it faster, and the client side to add usability. You go to conferences
and workshops. They stay and code. You get new missions, create new
algorithms, and produce better data. They stay and code.

But they shouldn’t need to work alone. The ESIP Drupal Working Group can
help them work better and work happier. They can get their questions
answered and show off their skills. And if they’re not using Drupal, that’s
OK too. All CMS’s face similar issues getting, handling, and visualizing

The ESIP DruWG has monthly telecons (4th Wednesday) with demos and
discussions. And it runs the Drupal Lab in the Summer.

They can get connected by joining our email list:


So, do your web people a favor and pass along this email to them, wherever
they are.

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ESIP Drupal Working Group.

Bruce Caron, PhD
New Media Studio
417 Samarkand Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805)966 1100
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