[ESIP-all] Open Data for Climate and Health Insights

Curt Tilmes Curt.Tilmes at nasa.gov
Thu May 9 14:05:40 EDT 2013


Today, in conjunction with a series of landmark steps announced by the 
Obama Administration to unleash troves of useful data from the vaults of 
government, the interagency US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) 
launched a new online tool that promises to accelerate research relating 
to climate change and human health—the Metadata Access Tool for Climate 
and Health, or “MATCH.”

The Administration announcements made today include an Executive Order 
signed by the President declaring that information is a valuable 
national resource and strategic asset, and a new government-wide Open 
Data Policy requiring that, going forward, data generated by the 
government shall be made available in open, machine-readable formats. 
The move will make troves of previously inaccessible or unmanageable 
data more readily available to entrepreneurs, researchers, and others 
who can use open data as fuel for innovation, businesses and new 
services and tools.

The executive order on open and machine readable government information 
is here:

The MATCH tool can be viewed here:


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