[ESIP-all] Linking AGU Abstracts to Data

Narock, Thomas W. (GSFC-672.0)[UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY] thomas.w.narock at nasa.gov
Mon Jul 29 13:32:35 EDT 2013


Thanks to funding and support from ESIP, we have deployed a web application that gives users the ability to link AGU abstracts to the data used in those abstracts. The current Test Bed project contains historical AGU abstracts (2000 - 2012) and knows about data sets in 3 repositories - Global Change Master Directory, ECHO, and the ocean science's Rolling Deck to Repository. We are currently evaluating the system with historical abstracts, although current abstracts may become possible. 

Our intention is to utilize these linkages during data discovery allowing users to discover items associated with the data such as publications, creators of data, and usages of the data. We are beginning with AGU and aforementioned three repositories with intentions to broaden the project in the near future.

Even if your past AGU presentations did not utilize data sets from one of the three repositories, you can still help us disambiguate our data. We are making AGU, NSF, and ESIP data available as Linked Open Data. In addition to linking abstracts to data, the application will also attempt to find your AGU abstracts, NSF funded projects, and ESIP meeting/cluster participation and allow you to provide linkages between these records.

The application is available at:

It utilizes the Google Plus and Facebook APIs to determine who the user is and retrieve your records. Thus, you will need an account with either of these social networks to use this application.

Tom Narock and Eric Rozell

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