[ESIP-all] One day left: AGU IN-026 Near Real Time Data for Earth Science and Space Weather Applications

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I sent AGU an email earlier today about the server problems, but no
response so far.  In my inquiry, I asked if they would consider extending
the deadline should they not resolve the server problems soon.  If I hear
back, I will let you know.

--- Michael

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>Dear Colleagues,
>AGU server seems to have some problems and the site is not available to
>upload abstract. Does any one have suggestions?
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>Subject: [ESIP-all] One day left: AGU IN-026 Near Real Time Data for
>Earth Science and Space Weather Applications
>Tomorrow is the deadline to submit your AGU abstract on Near Real Time
>Data for Earth Science and Space Weather Applications.  See details
>below.  I apologize for the "nagging", however you will be pleased to
>know that this is the last email from me on this subject this  year
>(unless you are multiple mailing lists ;-()
>--- Michael
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>Subject: One week left: AGU IN-026 Near Real Time Data for Earth Science
>and Space Weather Applications
>There is only one week left to submit your abstract for the Near Real
>Time Uses in Earth Science and Space Weather Applications  at 2013 AGU
>Fall Meeting.
>Our initial invited authors are:
>  *   Darren Wright / NOAA Maritime Services Program Manager
>  *   Bill Leith / USGS Senior Science Advisor for Earthquake and
>Geologic Hazards
>  *   Timothy Dye / Sonoma Technologies and contributor to EPA's AirNow
>  *   Daniel Baker / U. Colorado Boulder, Director Laboratory for
>Atmospheric and Space Physics
>Please see our original announcement below for more details and links to
>submit your AGU Abstract.
>We would like to draw your attention to the following special session at
>the 2013 Fall AGU Meeting (December 9 ­ 13 in San Francisco, CA).
>IN-026. Near Real Time Data for Earth Science and Space Weather
>Near real time data from satellite, airborne, and surface sensors are
>transforming existing end-user applications and spawning new ones. These
>applications demonstrate the utility of timely data in diverse Earth and
>space science disciplines including weather prediction, geologic hazards,
>wildfires, flooding, invasive species, agriculture, oceanic and space
>weather applications. In addition to traditional computer analyses, the
>use of apps for smartphones and tablet computers presents an opportunity
>to improve and expand the timely usage of data products and services.
>This session seeks contributions that demonstrate the benefit of near
>real time scientific or social media data and identify gaps in current
>We held this session last year and it was one of the most popular Earth
>Science Informatics (IN) sessions in 2012 and we anticipate it to be just
>as popular this year.   This session is co-sponsored by Atmospheric
>Sciences (A), Geodesy (G), Natural Hazards (NH), Ocean Sciences (OS),
>Seismology (S) and SPA-Magnetospheric Physics (SM).We expect considerable
>and diverse interest in the topic and we¹re looking forward to an
>enjoyable and informative session.
>We encourage you to contribute to our discussion on near real time data
>for science research and science applications.
>Please note the abstract deadline is August 6, 2013, so please plan
>accordingly and submit your abstract soon.  The first author must be an
>AGU member.  If you are not an AGU member, you can join AGU at
>Check the meeting website for updates, and complete submission policies:
>Authors will be informed in September regarding the date and format (oral
>or poster) of their paper.
>We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering this
>opportunity to share your research and applications insights.  Please
>forgive us if you receive multiple postings as we are seeking to
>distribute this announcement broadly to reach as many disciplines as
>appropriate. Please forward this email to any of your colleagues who
>might be interested in this subject.
>Gerald Bawden
>United States Geological Survey
>gbawden at usgs.gov<mailto:gbawden at usgs.gov?subject=AGU%20IN-026%20Near%20Rea
>H. Michael Goodman
>NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
>michael.goodman at nasa.gov<mailto:michael.goodman at nasa.gov?subject=AGU%20IN-
>Kevin Murphy
>NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
>kevin.j.murphy at nasa.gov<mailto:kevin.j.murphy at nasa.gov?subject=AGU%20IN-02
>Deborah Smith
>Remote Sensing Systems
>smith at remss.com<mailto:smith.remss.com?subject=AGU%20IN-026%20Near%20Real%

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