[ESIP-all] Ocean Sciences Session 113: Progress in Data Availability and Interoperability

Cyndy Chandler cchandler at whoi.edu
Thu Sep 19 20:03:58 EDT 2013

*Call for Abstracts *

We invite you to submit abstracts to an *exciting DATA session of the 
2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting*.
*Abstracts are due 4 October 4 2013* ... information here: 

*113 - Big Data for a Big Ocean: Progress in Data Availability and 

"Big Data" is a term describing datasets that are sufficiently large and 
complex that they challenge traditional tools and techniques. The 
complexity of Big Data can be characterized by the Volume of data, the 
Variety of data, and the "Velocity"of the data in terms of measurement 
frequency. There are many efforts underway in the geosciences, and 
oceanography in particular, to improve the efficacy with which data 
consumers can accomplish data discovery, data integration and accurate 
use of information from multiple sources in a Big Data world. This 
session seeks to generate discussion and awareness of the community's 
approaches to these challenges by inviting presentations on enabling 
technologies, and innovative and successful ways to collect, process, 
analyze, discover, access, integrate, visualize, and/or preserve 
oceanographic data. Descriptions of interoperable approaches that enable 
diverse oceanographic data to be used across disciplines and by 
audiences beyond the ocean community are particularly encouraged for 
this session that provides a venue for ocean scientists and data 
management practitioners to describe progress thus far and share 
proposed strategies and solutions for the future.

*Session Chairs:*

Kenneth S. Casey
NOAA/NESDIS -- National Oceanographic Data Center
Kenneth.Casey at noaa.gov

Cynthia L. Chandler
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office, Woods Hole 
Oceanographic Institution
cchandler at whoi.edu

Sissy Iona
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Hellenic National 
Oceanographic Data Centre (HNODC)
sissy at hnodc.hcmr.gr

Edward J. Kearns
NOAA/NESDIS -- National Climatic Data Center
Ed.Kearns at noaa.gov

*Meeting information:* http://www.sgmeet.com/osm2014/default.asp
23-28 February 2014
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Please forward this announcement to your colleagues, collaborators or 
students who may also be interested.

Cyndy Chandler          | voice: (508) 289-2765
MS #36, Shiverick, WHOI | Office hrs: M-F ~ 7-6
Woods Hole, MA  02543   | FAX: (508) 289-2009
cchandler at whoi.edu      | Skype: cyndy.chandler
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office
Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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