[ESIP-all] IT & I Rant and Rave: The Earth System CoG Collaboration Environment, 11/14 3:00 EST

Matthew Austin - NOAA Federal matthew.austin at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 12 11:41:15 EST 2013


The IT&I Rant and Rave for November is on The Earth System CoG
Collaboration Environment and will be given by Cecelia Deluca from NOAA at
3:00 EST this Thursday.  Here is an abstract on the presentation.

The Earth System CoG Collaboration Environment supports collaborative
Earth science research and product development in virtual organizations
comprised of multiple projects and communities. It provides access to data,
metadata, and visualization services along with tools for collaboration,
and can be used to host individual projects or to profile projects hosted
elsewhere. All projects on CoG are described using a project ontology – an
organized common vocabulary - that exposes information needed for
collaboration and decision-making. Projects can be linked into a network,
and the underlying ontology enables consolidated views of critical
information across the network. This access to information, and the
community-driven evolution of a project ontology, promotes the creation of
active and knowledgeable project governance, at both individual and
aggregate project levels.

CoG is being used to support software development projects, model
intercomparison projects, and short university-level courses. Its services
and ontology are customizable by project. This presentation will provide an
overview of CoG, review examples of current use, and discuss how CoG can be
used as hub for networks of projects in the Earth Sciences.

Matt Austin
NOAA Data Management

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