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Utmost apologies…  I was reminded that Monday, February 17 (our most selected date, ths far) is a Federal Holiday.

Especially those who already responded:  Sorry to inconvenience you, but would you please be kind enough to update your Monday availability, if necessary, as well as your availability on the dates I added: Wednesday (19th) and Thursday (20th).  If Monday remains the most popular day, I am certainly game.

Everyone else… more dates to choose from


Thanks so much, Steve

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Hi All,
Hope all is well by you.

At the recent Winter ESIP Meeting, we held a session entitled:  Analytics and Data Scientists.   Please see:  http://commons.esipfed.org/node/1879,  for abstract and session notes.

Instead of taking on ‘Big Data’, which has its own amoeba-like characteristics (“moves about by extending fingerlike projections”), this group addressed the more grounded response to what information management paradigm shifts are needed to address the continuing increase and heterogeneity of Earth science data: Analytics and Data Science.    We had a very good initial discussion that provided us the opportunity to start putting our arms around these relatively new information management paradigms.

To move forward, I would like to invite ESIP members who have experience in analytics techniques, data scientists, information managers who wish to explore new information management paradigms, information technologists, folks interested in learning more to better understand the new dynamics, and...everyone else, to a telecom to discuss the following topics:

Agenda (details below)

1.  Analytics and Data Scientist...in the Federation (what we can contribute to the field)
2.  Collaboration with the RDA Big Data Analytics Interest Group (Infrastructure Working Group)
3.  Data Scientist as a data user

Please go to the doodle poll:   http://doodle.com/8vyd8vyc9sqx2eyk

and sign up for the time slots that you are able to attend.

Thank you very much, Steve Kempler

Agenda Details:

Note,  there is a plethora of very significant activities on this subject at this time:  e.g., NIST, the National Big Data R&D Initiative, RDA, Countless huge workshops, dozens for experts in the field.  This agenda is built around determining what the Federation can do to contribute to the field, as opposed to initiating another major activity.  Thus,

1.  Analytics and Data Scientist...in the Federation (what we can contribute to the field)

Discussion to flush out what expertise we have in the Federation on Analytics Techniques and Data Science.  This can result in a collection of text summarizing our experience/expertise

2.  Collaboration with the RDA Big Data Analytics Interest Group (Infrastructure Working Group)

RDA and NIST Big Data initiative have jointly focused their interests on the RDA Big Data Analytics Interest Group, and in particular, the Infrastructure Working Group.  Basic Charter:  ‘to establish best practices implementation guidelines for how to deploy and manage big data applications using NIST Big Data Reference Architecture (NBD-RA) and other big data architectures along with best technologies available today to meet the ever challenging big data application demands’

As a group, is this something we should collaborate with?   Can we contribute.  For more information see:




3.  Data Scientist as a data user

Data Scientists are, obviously, data users.  Data scientists:  What are your Earth science data needs in regards to accessing and using Earth science data?  Looking for people with experience

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