[ESIP-all] Job opening in the JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC

Armstrong, Edward M (398M) Edward.M.Armstrong at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Mar 13 16:19:18 EDT 2014

Hello ESIP community:

Here is an immediate job opening in the PO.DAAC, the NASA data center responsible for archiving and distributing physical oceanographic satellite data.

The following position has opened at PO.DAAC. For additional information or to apply online, please visit:

Scientific Applications Software Engineer, Science Data Engineering and Archiving Group
Will be a member of the Science Data Engineering and Archiving Group and will report to the group supervisor. Will work as a data engineer in the JPL Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC) in support of data management and engineering activities for ocean remote sensing data. Will interact with ocean science data providers to test the integrity of new datasets, including file formats and metadata contents for convention adherence, author dataset documentation, and provide support for data access interface specifications. Will follow the project’s best practices for data stewardship and develop an understanding of the scientific applications and nuances of each dataset. Will be actively engaged with various operational software components to help validate and resolve data inventory and data ingestion anomalies. Will assist with testing new PO.DAAC tools and services and maintain a collect of software dataset reader modules.

Two links are provided to view and select based on experience.



Ed Armstrong
JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC
818 519-7607

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