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There are a number of events around the release of the National Climate 
Assessment that you may be interested in participating in.  See Mark 
McCaffrey's email below for details

Summary (details to follow and to be posted on CLEAN Network 
Teleconference page 

1. Release of National Climate Assessment on Tuesday May 6th

2. 1-2pm ET on May 6th  CLEAN Network Teleconference - discuss the NCA and 
explore the online site if available, 1-702-589-8300 ID 7705706#

3. 2-4pm ET May 6th Webcast from the White House Panel Discussion on the 
significance of the National Climate Assessment

4. ~4:30pm ET teleconference or webinar from White House of the NCA 
Education Affinity Group - this may now be set for 5:00pm ET


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We'll be sending more details soon, but we'll have our regular CLEAN call 
at the usual time-- Tuesday, May 6th at 1PM ET, 10AM PT-- to discuss the 
release of the third National Climate Assessment, which if all goes well, 
should be up on the http://globalchange.gov website.

I've been invited to be on a panel at the White House, where there will be 
an event from 2-4PM ET that should be webcast (details pending), to 
discuss the significance of the report in general and, for my part, 
highlight the educational opportunities and teachable moments inherent in 
the NCA. 

In addition, we've been given the opportunity to hold a conference call at 
4:30 ET from the White House and will likely have one or more authors of 
the report joining us to talk about how to maximize the education, 
communications and outreach opportunities of the report.  We may use the 
CLEAN call-in line but are looking into a possible Google Hangout as an 
option. Stay tuned for more details. 

We've been talking for over a year about how this report, required by 
Congress to update the nation on the specific research and impacts of 
changing climate on these United States of America, can be used in 
educational settings. The website, which will be easily available through 
mobile devices as well as desktops, should be very dynamic and engaging, 
but we won't know for sure until it is formally released on Tuesday. 

Some of you have even signed up to help develop teaching tips/guidance for 
educators for the regional sections of the report.  Thank you if you have 
stepped up-- we'll need your help so we can take full advantage of this 
treasure trove of data, information, and images. And if you are new to the 
conversation, here's a brief overview of the NCA and why it is important: 

Meanwhile, please let me know what you think I should emphasize in the 
five minutes I'll have to tout the educational potential of NCA. 

To recap NCA events on May 6th:
1 PM ET- CLEAN CALL to explore website and discuss next steps
2 - 4 PM ET- Webcast from White House of NCA release
4:30 PM ET- Conference Call from White House for Education affiliate group

Mark S. McCaffrey
Programs and Policy Director
National Center for Science Education
420 40th Street, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609-2509
Phone: 510.601.7203 or 800-290-6006
Fax: 510-601-7204


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