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The time is 1-2 EST, Jun.2, 2014 next Monday. 

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The cloud computing cluster invited Dr. Wenming Ye from Microsoft to talk about how Azure can be adopted for geoscience research. We look forward to your participation.

Learn how easy it is to move beyond your desktop using the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides a highly scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure for big data computations.
Areas covered in the session:
•How cloud computing enables you to run data-intensive computations, and at scale
•Easily running parameter sweep/map reduce compute jobs for your scientific analysis
•Developing, deploying, and running scaled out R, Matlab, and Python applications on Microsoft Azure

Discover the resources available to help you take advantage of cloud computing for your research, including Microsoft Azure awards, free training courses around the world, online training, and technical papers at www.azure4research.com.

Wenming Ye is a Sr. Research Program Manager at Microsoft Research. His current responsibility is helping researchers to utilize Cloud-based Big Data and Big Compute tools in their research. After completing his graduate work at CU Boulder, Mr. Ye joined SRI International, where he focused on design and development of innovative wireless, handheld, and Web-based simulation tools and services. Mr. Ye returned to Boulder as a Sr. developer on the commercialization team at Tech-X Corp, where he developed and productized large-scale HPC software. Mr. Ye then joined Microsoft as a Sr. technical evangelist worked on products including Windows HPC, Technical Computing, Microsoft Azure and HDInsight.

Chaowei Phil Yang, Ph.D.,
Director, NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center; www.stcenter.net
Co-Director, Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing http://cisc.gmu.edu/
Chair, ISPRS ICWG IV/II: Computing Optimization for SDB and LBS http://www2.isprs.org/commissions/comm4/icwg42.html
Professor, GGS, GMU, http://ggs.gmu.edu/
Tel: 703-993-4742 (O)

Yang C., Huang Q., Li Z., Xu C., Liu K., 2014. Spatial Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach. CRC Press. 358p.
Online content and downloads: http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781466593169

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