[ESIP-all] Job Opportunity at the Earth Data Analysis Center - IT and Applications Program Manager

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Please share this information about a great opportunity at the 
University of New Mexico with your colleagues

The Earth Data Analysis Center at the University of New Mexico is 
seeking an experienced web application developer to manage its 
applications development and IT program while also contributing to the 
ongoing development of EDAC's web applications and underlying 
geospatially enabled data management, discovery and delivery 
infrastructure. This person will serve as part of EDAC's Leadership Team 
and provide support across the organization in identifying roles and 
contributions that EDAC's IT and application development team can make 
to projects and proposals. The responsibilities of this position will 
include (but not be limited to):

* Supervision of the staff within this program
* Develop new proposals that support the program and EDAC
* Contribute to other proposals where their expertise is needed
* Participate in the shared leadership of EDAC - contributing to the 
ongoing development and evaluation of EDAC's priorities, strategic 
vision, and execution
* Specify, design and develop software solutions and manage the process 
followed by EDAC's development team in doing the same
* Support software development and IT activities across the 
organization, identifying EDAC capabilities and resources that can 
contribute to the success of all EDAC projects
* Participate, as needed, in UNM committees and initiatives

This is a benefits eligible position. The University of New Mexico 
provides a comprehensive package of benefits including medical, dental, 
vision, and life insurance. In addition, UNM offers educational benefits 
through the tuition remission and dependent education programs. See the 
Prospective Employee page for a more complete explanation of UNM 

For more information please visit the [posting 
or call Shirley Baros at (505) 277-3622 x237.

Thanks, Karl


Karl Benedict
Director, Earth Data Analysis Center
Associate Professor, College of University Libraries and Learning 
University of New Mexico	

kbene at unm.edu
(505) 277-3622 x234 (office)
(505) 239-4115 (cell)
karlbenedict (skype)
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KarlBenedictPlus/

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