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As you know, the 2014 Fall American Geophysical Union meeting will be held during 15-19 December 2014 in San Francisco, California. Please consider submitting abstracts to session #3337. The submission deadline is 6 August 2014, 23:59 EDT.

Session Title: Challenges in Production and Management of Earth System Data Records.

The session abstract is given below.
"U.S. federal agencies and international partners now have several decades of spaceborne, airborne and in situ data that are highly relevant to the modeling of long-term phenomena in the Earth System. Climate change modeling is a particular case in point. In support of research into long-term changes in Earth's environment, it is important to generate, validate, document, preserve and provide access to long time series of consistent records of relevant measurements. Such long time series records are called Earth System Data Records (ESDRs). Climate Data Records (CDRs) are a particular case of ESDRs. The purpose of this session is to encourage interdisciplinary information exchange on challenges involved in generating ESDRs, ensuring and documenting their quality, and making them publicly available."


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