[ESIP-all] AGU session call for papers: Information models and interchange formats for geoscience data

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Mon Jun 30 12:48:59 EDT 2014

Please consider submitting a paper to session 2591, "Information models and
interchange formats for geoscience data² for the AGU meeting to be held 2014
Dec 15-19 in San Francisco. Abstracts are due Aug 6, 2014.


Description: As geoscientists develop new types of measurements or improve
understanding of existing data, formal information models and interchange
formats increasingly appear, such as the North American Geological Map Data
Model (NADM), the XML implementation of the OGC and ISO Observations and
Measurements (O&M) conceptual model and Geography Markup Language (GML)
based schemas, including GeoSciML (geological formations and borehole
geometry), EarthResourceML (mineral resources exploration and exploitation),
WaterML 2 (surface water time series), and GroundwaterML (aquifers and
underground water flow). In order to adapt to rapidly evolving technology, a
trend is to separate information models from their encoded interchange
formats. Community consensus on these models and interchange formats can
reduce the effort needed to reconcile datasets within a domain and to
integrate data and applications across domains. Bring your experiences
developing and using information models and interchange formats, and see how
many common elements you can find in this session.

Sponsor: IN - Earth and Space Science Informatics
A - Atmospheric Sciences
ED - Education
H - Hydrology
V - Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology

Index Terms:
1904 Community standards [INFORMATICS]
1936 Interoperability [INFORMATICS]
1944 Markup languages [INFORMATICS]
1952 Modeling [INFORMATICS]

Primary Convener:  
Xiaogang Ma, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
David K Arctur, University of Texas at Austin
Ilya Zaslavsky, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Stephen M Richard, Arizona Geological Survey

David K Arctur, PhD
Research Scientist, University of Texas at Austin
Research/Academic Advocate, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

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