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  I encourage interested parties to submit abstracts for our session (#IN
2658) at the AGU Fall Meeting:

 *Title:* "Semantic Web: Distributed Earth Science Resources in the Data
Life Cycle"

  *Description:* "A data life cycle describes the entire process of data
management and use, including concept study, data collection, processing,
archiving, publication, discovery, analysis and repurposing. The Semantic
Web can be used throughout these stages, from building ontologies and
vocabularies during concept study, to enabling secondary data discovery and
repurposing. In various stages of the data life cycle, data resources and
their semantic representations are distributed across agencies and
internationally amongst multiple Earth Science data centers. This session
will highlight the challenges of utilizing and integrating these
ontologies, taxonomies, lexicons and vocabularies.  Sample high-level
questions include: 1) Which approaches and techniques can be used to
search, link and understand the relationships between these resources?  2)
What are the approaches to building and preserving this information?
Additionally, we welcome submissions that overlay semantic technologies to
one or more steps in the data life cycle, and that integrate multiple
vocabularies and taxonomies"

Abstracts may be submitted at the page available at:

There are three invited speakers: Marshall Ma (RPI), Tom Narock (Marymount
U), and Hook Hua (NASA-JPL).

Session conveners are Matt Mayernik (UCAR), Justin Goldstein
(UCAR/USGCRP), Robert Wolfe (NASA-GSFC), and Brian Wilson (NASA-JPL)

Thanks, and we're looking forward to these submissions.
-Justin Goldstein

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