[ESIP-all] AGU members - please consider voting for an ESIP member in the AGU calendar!

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Hi ESIP folks,

 I received this email from one of the contributors to the picture post network, which is a project of the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) ESIP.  If you are an AGU member, please take a moment and see if you could help our student get into the AGU calendar by liking the image on AGU's Facebook page.

many thanks in advance!
-Annette Schloss

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From: "Dr. Laura Guertin" <uxg3 at psu.edu>

Hello Jeff and Annette,

I thought I would share some exciting news relating to my undergraduate student researcher that has been working on the Picture Post project since the summer.  I took a photo of Kimmie Bowen when she started and submitted it to AGU's Tumblr site, as they were doing a "summer field postcards" project.  AGU has decided to create a calendar of some of the field postcards submitted.  Kimmie's photo of her at a Picture Post made the first round of cuts by AGU, and now, there is voting going on at AGU's Facebook page to see if her image makes the final 12 to be in the calendar!  Kimmie is of course excited about the possibility of being in the calendar, but I'm more excited to see the Picture Post project get a wider audience (AGU has over 60,000 members!).  Kimmie is also presenting about her Picture Post work at the AGU meeting this fall.

All people have to do is "like" the image on AGU's Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/AmericanGeophysicalUnion/photos/a.10150671106006601.381216.76531806600/10152289406391601/?type=3&theater

Thanks for spreading the word,

Laura Guertin

Dr. Laura Guertin, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
Penn State Brandywine, 25 Yearsley Mill Road, Media, PA 19063
Councilor, Geoscience Division, Council on Undergraduate Research
President, Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association (PAESTA)
Author of GeoEd Trek on the AGU Blogosphere

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