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Congratulations, Erin. You are awesome!


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>This news release will appear in many channels tomorrow. Erin can be
>reached at: erinrobinson at esipfed.org
>When the link appears, we will be sending it out for social media, please
>pass that on.
>Congratulations Erin! And thanks to the Foundation search committee,
>Foundation Board and ESIP Executive Committee.
>(President ESIP).
>November 17, 2014
Contact: Charles Hutchinson, 
Interim Executive Director 
>403-4963, chuck at earthsciencefoundation.org
>The Board of Directors of the Foundation for Earth Science has named Erin
>Robinson as its new Executive Director. Ms. Robinson began working with
>the Foundation as a graduate student in 2004.  Since 2010, she has served
>as the Information and Virtual Community Director for the Foundation.
>Passionate about fostering innovation through collaboration across
>diverse constituents, Ms. Robinson operates at the intersection of
>community informatics, Earth science and nonprofit management.  Over the
>last 10 years, she has honed technical and managerial skills to create
>communities and programs with lasting impact on science, data and
>technology. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking and
>Ms. Robinson received a master¹s degree in energy, environmental and
>chemical engineering, and a bachelor¹s degree in chemical engineering
>from Washington University in St. Louis.
>The Foundation for Earth Science is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific and
>education organization created to support research networks and
>communities that provide the information systems backbone for
>disseminating and use of Earth science information. The initial and
>continuing primary responsibility of the Foundation is to provide
>executive support to the Federation for Earth Science Information
>Partners (www.esipfed.org).
>Karl Benedict, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation said,
>"We are very excited to open this next chapter for the Foundation with an
>Executive Director who is ready to hit the ground running with a clear
>vision of how the Foundation can broaden its impact across the Earth
>science data and informatics community while continuing to expand our
>relationship with the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners."
>"The Federation considers Ms. Robinson an excellent choice as the next
>Foundation Executive Director. Having known her for well over a decade,
>it is clear that not only does she possess a deep understanding of how
>ESIP functions and grows, but has developed a clear and viable vision for
>its future. I am confident that she will work with all ESIP members to
>attain that vision." remarked Peter Fox, President of the Federation of
>Earth Science Information Partners.
>Since its inception in 1998, the ESIP Federation has continually grown
>and attracted a diverse group of partners that includes more than 160
>member organizations. It is supported by both NASA and the National
>Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  In the past two years, with
>support from the National Science Foundation, the Foundation has also
>provided executive support to EarthCube (http://earthcube.org/).
>Additional information about the Foundation for Earth Science is
>available at http://earthsciencefoundation.org.
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