[ESIP-all] WDS Webinar #4: Combining High Performance Computing with High Performance Data to enable Data Intensive Science

Mustapha Mokrane mustapha.mokrane at icsu-wds.org
Sun Apr 5 21:44:02 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite ESIP community members to attend the upcoming World
Data System Webinar #4 presented by Dr Lesley Wyborn: *Combining High
Performance Computing with High Performance Data to enable Data Intensive
Science *(see abstract below)

   - *Speaker:* Dr Lesley Wyborn (Adjunct Fellow, National Computational
   Infrastructure, Australian National University)
   - *Date:* 22 April 2015
   - *Time: *13:00 UTC (check your local time

<https://www.icsu-wds.org/community/webinars/webinar-4/webinar-4%EF%BB%BF> for
this Webinar as soon as possible (100 free seats available only!):

Dr Lesley Wyborn will present experiences and lessons learned at the
National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) of the Australian National
University (ANU) to manage and make major research data collections
discoverable and interoperable. Use of international standards for
discovery and interoperability allow complex interactions within and
between the collections. Efficiently scaling and adapting data and software
systems to petascale infrastructures requires the collaborative development
of an architecture that is designed, programmed and operated to enable
users to interactively invoke different forms of in-situ computation over
complex and large scale data collections. This design facilitates a
transdisciplinary approach to research and enables a shift from small
scale, 'stove-piped' science efforts to large scale, collaborative systems

*World Data System Webinars:*
The World Data System of the International Council for Science provides a
'community building' function to WDS Members and beyond. Surveying the
opinions of WDS Members, it was found that not only were they in favour of
this strategy, but they also suggested ICSU-WDS should facilitate Members
to naturally form networks by offering a platform for workshops on data
topics of wider interest. With a preference given for a virtual presence at
these workshops, the WDS Scientific Committee elected to introduce a series
of WDS Webinars in which Members are encouraged to host short talks on
themes of their choosing such that synergies can be found amongst both
themselves and the broader data community.

With best regards.

*Mustapha Mokrane*, PhD. | Executive Director
World Data System-International Programme Office
c/o NICT, 4-2-1 Nukui-kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan
Tel: +81 4 2327 6004 Fax: +81 4 2327 6490  Mob:+81 90 5790 4732
mustapha.mokrane at icsu-wds.org   | www.icsu-wds.org
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