[ESIP-all] ESIP Education Committee - Doodle for Meeting Time

LuAnn Dahlman - NOAA Affiliate luann.dahlman at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 16 16:57:25 EDT 2015

Hello everyone!

ESIP Education monthly telecons will start up next week. If you intend to
be involved with Education Committee activities, please fill out the doodle
poll and indicate the time(s) that work for you.


Our first topic next week will be fleshing out the schedule for an educator
workshop at the summer meeting, with a focus on getting high school and
community college educators using data in their classrooms.

If you participate in the poll, we'll send you the final date/time first
thing Monday.

Looking forward smiles,

LuAnn Dahlman
Science Writer and Editor
Contractor to NOAA Climate Program Office
Acentia, A MAXIMUS company
Phone:  480-734-3124
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