[ESIP-all] Fwd: PV 2015 / 3-5 Nov.2015, EUMETSAT Darmstadt/ - Deadline approaching 27.04.2015

Nancy Ritchey - NOAA Federal nancy.ritchey at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 22 10:28:06 EDT 2015

I invite you to submit papers for the internationalPV2015 conference on
Ensuring the Long-Term Preservation and Value Adding Scientific and
Technical Data
Nancy Ritchey

We would like to remind you that the deadline for abstract submission
expires on Monday 27 April 2015 (EOB). Please note that this is the final

Authors are invited to submit abstracts online on the Conference Web page:


Kind regards,
EUMETSAT Organising Committee


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Call for papers is open and the main topics of the Conference are :

Session 1:  Data Stewardship approaches to ensure long-term data and
knowledge preservation

   - Data and knowledge preservation policies and approaches
   - State of the art of data archiving and access techniques
   - Archives and Data Centres architectures and approaches
   - Architecture and engineering approaches for long-term preservation and
   data migration
   - Architecture of configurable systems in the context of evolving
   - Main threats to data preservation

*Session 2: Adding value to data and facilitation of data use*

   - Approaches and architectures for full data life cycle management: data
   ingestion, archival, retrieval, circulation, processing and dissemination
   - Large-scale data ("big-data") end-to-end management approaches and
   - State of the art techniques for data handling and adding value to data
   - Added value services and applications on top of archives
   - Building useful and user-friendly access to the data and associated
   - Integrating user feedback into archives and repositories
   - Facilitation of data use and exploitation: techniques, systems and
   - Collaboration platforms for data exploitation
   - Reporting on archive performance and user access

*Session 3: Metadata, formats, standards and interoperability*

   - Data formats and format specification methods
   - Metadata modelling for data description
   - Metadata Conversion
   - Data quality, data curation and data validation
   - Interoperability of systems and services for facilitated data access
   and use
   - Interoperable service architectures and distributed environments
   - Interoperability through common data formats and products
   - Standards to allow archives operability and access
   - Standards to facilitate data use
   - Semantics and ontologies
   - Using Persistent Identifiers in Archives

*Session 4: Data preservation lessons learnt and future prospects*

   - Examples of working systems and the lessons learnt that can be derived
   from them
   - Lessons learnt from archive migration to new technologies
   - Implications of new technologies for engineering processes, data
   storage, operations costs and system performance
   - Advantages and difficulties of building interoperable services
   - Common or re-usable systems for archives building
   - On-going or potential areas of cooperation in data preservation,
   access and use
   - Data at risk: examples of data not currently preserved or at risk
   - Usage of modern Web technology in the archives context
   - Preserving heterogeneity or aiming for homogeneity?
   - Certification of data archives

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