[ESIP-all] wetbulb globe temperature data?

Joe Hourcle oneiros at grace.nascom.nasa.gov
Thu Apr 30 07:58:04 EDT 2015

On Tue, 28 Apr 2015, Annette Schloss via ESIP-all wrote:

> Hi,
> a grad student here at UNH is working on calculating heat stress in 
> people within global models and is looking for any historical data taken 
> with wetbulb globe temperature instruments.  Does anyone in ESIP know of 
> the availability of any such data set?


all that I've been able to find are averages for a given month over the 
course of multiple years ... and they don't go back that far.

If you don't get a response back from this group, you might try asking on 
the StackExchange Open Data site:


I'd recommend specifying what you qualify as 'historical', as it often 
means a much longer time to Europeans than Americans.  (ie, is going back 
10 years enough, or does it need to be further back?  Is it okay if 
there's a gap for the last few years? etc.)


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