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Hi Allan,

Although not yet widely used the OGC Geopackage standard is an up and coming standard for vector data. Although primarily advertised for use in mobile, it should serve as good for the general exchange of geospatial data and over time may become as widely adopted as shapefiles.

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David M. Danko | Senior Consultant GIS Standards

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The ESO (ESDIS Standards Office) would like to gather information about what kinds of data formats are being used within the Earth science community for geospatial vector data.

Some of the formats we’ve heard most about recently are ESRI Shapefiles and GeoJSON. There are probably others in use by members of this email list.

At the ESIP Summer meetings, the ESO will be hosting a 1/2 day session focusing on developing standards.  One of the topics we will explore is the use of geospatial vector data. Please contact us at eso-staff at lists.nasa.gov<mailto:staff at lists.nasa.gov> or Allan at adoyle at intl-interfaces.com<mailto:adoyle at intl-interfaces.com> if you’d be interested in participating in discussion on this topic.  Also let us know if you’d be willing to do a brief presentation on your (or your organization’s) use/needs/opinions on the topic.


Allan Doyle
Yonsook Enloe
Helen Conover
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