[ESIP-all] Linking Climate Resources for Community Resilience

Tilmes, Curt (GSFC-6190) curt.tilmes at nasa.gov
Mon Aug 3 09:56:21 EDT 2015

Following up on some of the discussions at the ESIP Summer meeting, we're organizing a session on Community Resilience at AGU.

There are a bunch of projects you are probably already planning to present in the various science sections or perhaps sharing technical details in the informatics sections.

This session in the PA, Public Affairs, section to help describe how your projects can help benefit real communities with actionable information, resources, data, tools, etc.

Even if you are already submitting an abstract to another session, AGU allows an additional abstract submission specifically for PA (and ED) sessions, so you can describe more of the impacts of your work and how it can help inform decision makers.

Anyway, take a look and if you think your work has potential impacts for community resilience, consider this as an additional opportunity to share your work with a different focus and to a different audience.

Abstracts are due by August 5.


Linking Climate Resources for Community Resilience
Submit an Abstract to this Session<https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm15/pa/papers/index.cgi?sessionid=9047>

Session ID#: 9047

Session Description:
This session will build on the goals of activities proposed by the President’s Climate Action Plan, including the Climate Data Initiative (CDI) and Climate Resilience Toolkit (CRT). It will describe crosscutting efforts to transition scientific knowledge to inform actionable decisions at all levels of government, NGO, academic, and private industry. Presentations and posters will present how activities including those promoted by the CDI and CRT are able to transfer and communicate climate data, tools, information and other resources to communities that are preparing to cope with the impacts of climate change. This will include descriptions of specific case studies and systems that are examples to build on as well as more general efforts to organize and bring coherence to the presentation of information and tools to inform resilient planning.
Primary Convener:  Curt Tilmes, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United States
Conveners:  Rahul Ramachandran, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, United States, David L Blodgett, USGS Office of Water Information, Center for Integrated Data Analytics, Middleton, WI, United States and Kaylin Bugbee, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL, United States

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